Blumaq´s high quality alternative repair parts for Komatsu

Blumaq: Who are we?

Blumaq is an international company leader in the delivery of alternative repair parts for heavy equipment and earth moving machinery for some of the most relevant and worldwide known trademarks: Volvo, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins and Case.

Alternative repair parts for Komatsu mining and construction equipment are one of our key products. Blumaq offers high quality alternative repair parts, together with up-to-date processes from manufacturing to delivery.

Blumaq´s highly-skilled professionals lead to our main goal: Customer satisfaction.

Our great stock of alternative repair parts for Komatsu

Blumaq has a wide range of alternative repairs parts for Komatsu in stock, covering almost all Komatsu machinery, not only for civil engineering equipment but also for marine engines as well as older model tractors.

We can offer immediate availability thanks to the capacity of our warehouses that contain more than 90.000 references properly categorized using real-time inventory management and our international network of branch offices, which covers more than 150 countries all over the world.

This fact, together with an efficient shipping service, significantly reduces the time elapsed between product ordering and reception. Therefore, our objective is offering 24 hour delivery of most of our products.

Alternative repair parts for Komatsu stock is composed of the following categories of products:

Power Train, Chassis, Ground engaging tools, Steering, Electricity, Filters, Brakes, Tools, Hydraulics, Lubrication, Engine, Cooling, Moil points, Undercarriage, Bearings, Hardware, Remanufactured parts, Cabin.

Blumaq chooses high quality materials for all its alternative repair parts for Komatsu. The manufacturing process uses the most appropriate and cutting-edge technologies and the strictest quality controls, in the structure of ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Our technical staff is composed by professionals with extensive experience in the repair parts sector, continuously developing new techniques for the design and manufacturing of new products for covering our customer’s requirements. Blumaq offers open communication channels with our technical service team, always willing to assist our customers with parts lookup, technical questions or installation problems.

Moreover, up-to-date information throughout the entire order process is continuously provided by our customer services staff.

Blumaq adds value to alternative repair parts for Komatsu

Acquiring Blumaq alternative repair parts for Komatsu is more than a purchase. You will also get many advantages from our company, that makes the difference between Blumaq and other competitors.

- Guaranteed high quality alternative repair parts for Komatsu.

- Competitive prices for alternative repair parts for Komatsu.

- Continuous investment in Research and Development.

- Daily enhanced and enlarged repair parts stock, with real-time managed warehouses.

- User-friendly website for ordering and following the complete purchasing process.

- International shipping services with next day delivery.

- Technical assistance 24 hours a day offered by our highly specialized technical staff.

- We are convinced that customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty, therefore we are proud to mention that around 3.000.000 customers throughout the years have placed their confidence with Blumaq.