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Spare parts suitable for Volvo: Trust in Blumaq

Looking for spare parts suitable for Volvo? Blumaq is your solution

Volvo construction equipment is known worldwide for their reliable machinery: Wheel loaders, excavators, haulers, pipe layers or compactors are just some of their products. However, the failure of a component cannot be predicted, thus it is not easy to control and manage the spare parts requirements, especially for the critical ones. You need a reliable spare parts supplier who supports you and ensures the availability of the spare part you need.

Original spare parts for Volvo industrial machinery now have a reliable alternative: Blumaq´s alternative spare parts suitable for Volvo. The same functionality and features with the highest quality and at very competitive prices. Blumaq is an international company with international presence and totally specialized in this sector. Blumaq´s added value is the result of highly experienced staff both technical and managerial fields, and cutting-edge technologies from the manufacture of spare parts suitable for Volvo to receipt by our customers. Throughout the whole process, Blumaq has a key objective: to offer the optimum service to our customers. With branch offices in more than 150 countries all over the world, the best service in your language is guaranteed.

Our large stock of spare parts suitable for Volvo

Blumaq offers spare parts suitable for Volvo with the highest quality guaranteed through our ISO 9001 certification. Apart from the controls during the manufacturing process, Blumaq periodically makes strict quality tests to our products in stock, therefore assuring their continuous perfect condition at all times.

We cover almost 90% of spare parts suitable for Volvo construction and earth moving machinery, belonging to the following categories: Power train, chassis, ground engaging tools, steering, electricity, filters, brakes, tools, hydraulics, lubrication, engine, cooling, moil points undercarriage, bearings, hardware, remanufactured parts and cabins. Moreover, our Research & Development department can manufacture the custom-made spare part you need for your Volvo equipment. The compromise of Blumaq with R&D is not only limited to the development of technologically innovative spare parts. Beyond, we are always trying to optimize our logistic and managerial activities, to ensure our customers the most efficient response to their demands at the minimum time.

A fast and reliable purchasing process for you

The whole purchase is efficiently organized, based on highly-skilled professionals and an up-to-date logistic processes. A cutting-edge and real-time managed warehouse allows us to have in stock more than 90.000 units, including spare parts suitable for Volvo, and makes an immediate identification of the required product.

Once the Volvo spare part suitable for your require is identified, the purchase can be easily carried out with total security directly by you through our on-line order service or by our customer service representatives. Moreover, you decide when to have your product with you: Clients do not want to receive the parts before or after, they want to have the parts delivered exactly on time, therefore we adapt to their requirements. For corrective maintenance, due to a failure or breakdown in Volvo equipment, Blumaq offers solutions in 24 hours. Blumaq knows your needs and adapts to them.

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