About Komatsu

Blumaq, your trustable supplier of spare parts suitable for Komatsu.

Companies using Komatsu industrial machinery need to be sure that spare parts can be replenished at any given time and in a cost efficient way. They require a proper spare parts management system that allows a reduced inventory and minimizes very costly work stops or delays. Moreover, the dependence on Komatsu´s official spare parts can be a problem in some specific situations.

To overcome these problems, Blumaq is your trustworthy spare part supplier. Blumaq is a top international company, with many years of specialization in the manufacturing of alternative spare parts for industrial equipment and machinery from some of the most important brands, in this case spare parts suitable for Komatsu. We offer a viable and reliable alternative to original parts, with the highest quality. Our experienced and highly-skilled professionals from manufacturing to shipping, together with our compromise with Research and Development, have made of us a leading company in our sector.

Our commitment to our customers is offering the efficient and agile solutions. When they are asked what they want, the answer is: To have the accurate spare part I need for my machine, with the highest technical quality, at an affordable price and in the precise moment I require it. This is what we do.

With more than 90.000 references in stock, including the most demanded spare parts suitable for Komatsu, we are able to offer immediate availability of the spare part you require: Power train, chassis, ground engaging tools, steering, electrical components, filters, brakes, hydraulic devices, lubricants, engines, cooling, moil points, undercarriage, bearings, hardware, remanufactured parts and cabin components. Apart from this huge stock of spare parts suitable for Komatsu, we are continuously investigating for the development of innovative spare parts and custom-made solutions for our clients, through our R&D department.

Our commitment to the highest quality is clear from the very first steps of the spare parts production, with the selection of the most appropriate materials and components. The use of cutting-edge technologies together with strict quality controls based on the ISO 9001 certification ends up with the best spare parts suitable for Komatsu in the market.

Blumaq guarantees you the best quality, optimal value for your money and delivery totally adapted to your requirements. We offer different options corresponding to your spare parts management system: 24 hours delivery, for corrective maintenance in case of a failure or “just in time” supply, for predictive maintenance, before the periodical maintenance works are done.

Blumaq´s customer service will support you during the whole purchasing process, based on our user-friendly website: from the selection of the required spare parts suitable for Komatsu and the automatically checking of their stock availability, to the order inquiry, the secure on-line monetary transaction, the shipping and delivery.

During the whole process, we guarantee the absence of some common problems in on-line purchasing: Efficient customer service at your disposal, in your language; attendance by experienced technicians for the technical assistance you need; agile and secure purchasing; real-time tracking the status of your order and post-sale service.

The highest quality, the most reliable and cost-effective purchasing process and the most agile shipping is waiting for you in our branch offices located in more than 150 countries worldwide.

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