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Spare parts suitable for Cummins and Blumaq, a perfect combination

The importance of a proper spare parts management

Both for corrective and preventive maintenance of Cummins industrial machinery, referred to sudden breakdowns or periodical replacements according to the part´s lifecycle, to have spare parts available just when you need them is a crucial issue for companies.

In the sector of spare parts for Cummins construction equipment and machinery, Blumaq offers a reliable and cost-effective option to the official spare parts. They are high quality spare parts, fully interchangeable with the original ones. Due to an effective logistic management, spare parts suitable for Cummins are highly available in stock and rapidly shipped to your company.

Blumaq is totally committed to our customer´s satisfaction. This is our key priority both during the pre-sale and post-sale processes. Due to a strategically located network of branch offices in more than 150 countries all over the world, there is always a Blumaq´s office close to you, providing the best service in your language.

Spare parts suitable for Cummins

Blumaq is one of the leading suppliers of spare parts suitable for Cummins machinery all over the world. All pieces are manufactured following strict quality controls, resulting in products with equal or higher quality than the original ones.

Spare parts suitable for Cummins are composed of a large stock of products both for outdated and up-to-date machinery: Engine pieces such as connecting rods, engine blocks, crankshafts, cylinder heads, liner kits, nozzles and turbochargers; pumps for oil, fuel or water; exhaust systems such as exhaust pipes, silencers, elbows, manifolds and all types of components for these systems.

Apart from this stock, we are able to satisfy any special request from our customers: One of our distinguishing elements from other competitors is that Blumaq is not merely a sales company. Continuous in-depth analysis of the market, existing devices and technologies and innovations for spare parts suitable for Cummins industrial machinery have turned us into a leader company, able to offer our clients the custom-made parts they demand.

Periodical quality tests are carried out by our specialized technical staff to every spare part in stock. Therefore, we can assure our clients the highest quality in the precise moment of delivery.

Order easily the spare parts suitable for Cummins you need

Blumaq has a cutting-edge website that allows our clients to identify the appropriate spare parts they require, check their availability in stock due to a real-time managed inventory and order them on-line. We assure the appropriate spare parts suitable for Cummins are available and ready to be supplied at any given moment in time thanks to a warehouse with more than 90.000 units in stock.

Moreover, we offer an efficient customer service which supports our clients in the whole process, from the identification of the required spare parts suitable for Cummins to their delivery. Agreements with some of the most important shipping companies all around the world make possible an immediate delivery if requested.

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