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For businesses that deal with Caterpillar industrial machinery, spare parts management has to be a major consideration as an appropriate management leads to efficiency and cost-saving for companies: It is essencial to rely on a trustable spare parts supplier. In the past years, the original equipment manufacturer had to supply the spare part in most of the cases. Luckily, nowadays there are alternative options, as reliable as the original spare parts for Caterpillar but at a competitive cost for customers.

Blumaq is a leading company in the sector of spare parts for construction and industrial machinery, offering spare parts suitable for Caterpillar as well as for other relevant international trademarks such as Case, Cummins, Volvo and Komatsu. When our customers need alternative spare parts for their Caterpillar machinery, they can trust on our high quality products, delivered with the promptness they require. More than 3 million units of spare parts suitable for the mentioned brands are supplied annually all around the world.

Spare parts suitable for Caterpillar

Blumaq offers you a wide range of spare parts suitable for Caterpillar civil equipment and earth-moving machinery, including power trains, chassis, ground engaging tools, steering, electricity devices, filters, brakes, hydraulics, lubricants, engines, cooling, moil points, undercarriage, bearing, hardware, remanufactured parts, and cabin components.

The quality of Blumaq´s spare parts suitable for Caterpillar is totally guaranteed by many years of experience and a huge number of satisfied clients all over the world. Strict quality controls based on our ISO 9001 certification are carried out to the spare parts during the manufacturing process and the storage in our warehouses.

Moreover, Blumaq has a strong compromise with Research and Development of new products, through a continuous search of the most advanced technologies and materials for the production of innovative spare parts. If you need custom-made spare parts suitable for Caterpillar, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to purchase spare parts suitable for Caterpillar

The purchasing of our spare parts suitable for Caterpillar is done through agile and efficient steps from the order inquiry to the delivery of the required products to our clients, reducing to the minimum reaction time between a failure and the replacement or repair of the Caterpillar machine.

Our experienced technical service staff supports you in procuring the precise spare parts suitable for your Caterpillar need. Availability is assured in most cases, due to our real-time managed stock with more than 90.000 spare parts. From this point, a user-friendly website allows our clients to easily complete the purchase with the maximum security and to real-time track the shipment. Depending on your needs, the spare parts suitable for Caterpillar can be delivered urgently through a global express shipping service.

A trustworthy company whenever you are

With branch offices in more than 150 strategic countries all over the world, Blumaq can guarantee the service you deserve and we are proud to say we are known worldwide for our satisfied customers. Spare parts suitable for Caterpillar machinery will overtake your expectations, even for the most demanding customers.

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