About Case

Spare parts suitable for Case: Right parts, right place, right time.

To have the appropriate spare parts for industrial machinery put in the right place at the right time are the pillars for a proper spare parts management system that allows the companies to reduce the cost of keeping inventory but, at the same time, assuring the availability of spare parts whenever they are required. In many industries, the non-availability of spare parts on time contributes to as much as 50% of the total downtime and generates lost revenues and customer´s dissatisfaction.

Therefore, relying on an experienced company is crucial: Blumaq is the perfect choice; a company totally specialized in the manufacture and delivery of spare parts suitable for Case construction machinery in its full line of equipment: Excavators, dozers, loaders, graders, etc.

We offer our customers a wide range of spare parts suitable for Case in stock, totally interchangeable with the genuine parts and made to the same high quality standards using cutting-edge technologies. The quality of our products, together with agile and efficient purchasing and shipping processes leads to an extensive international network of satisfied customers.

Blumaq has the spare parts suitable for Case you need, due to our large stock of more than 90.000 spare parts from the most relevant industrial machinery manufacturers which is managed using up-to-date technologies that allow a real-time control of the inventory and help systemizing the ordering procedures. The most requested ones from Case are: power trains, chassis, ground engaging tools, steering, electricity devices, filters, brakes, hydraulic devices, lubricants, engines, cooling devices, moil points, undercarriage, bearings, hardware, remanufactured parts and cabin components. Blumaq´s ISO 9001:2008 certification guarantees the best quality and the strictest controls for our spare parts, both during the manufacturing process and while the products are stored in our warehouses.

Apart from this large stock, our company´s philosophy is founded on principles of innovation and development. The R&D department of Blumaq is continuously working on the production of new products and, specifically, custom-made spare parts suitable for Case totally adapted to the requirements of our customer’s.

Our highly-experienced staff work for a common objective throughout the whole purchasing process, from the manufacturing to the shipping of the spare parts suitable for Case machinery: To get our customer´s satisfaction. Thus, 3.000.000 customers all around the world have placed their confidence on us.

Blumaq´s customer service is entirely at our client´s disposal: The technical service will support you to identify the precise spare part, check the stock availability and offer suitable alternatives if required. The sales team will make the purchase easy and secure and will assure rapid and reliable shipping, due to the international presence of Blumaq offices (more than 150 branch offices worldwide) and the agreements with several international shipping companies.

The whole process can be tracked through our user-friendly website. Moreover, once our customers have received the requested spare parts suitable for Case, a post-sale service will provide them assistance they need.

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