Blumaq´s alternative repair parts for Cummins: Your best choice

Blumaq, an international reference

Blumaq is a leading international company specialized in alternative repair parts for Cummins construction equipment and engines, therefore offering our clients a high quality alternative to the official Cummins repair parts.

Blumaq has branch offices in strategic placements of more than 150 countries all over the world. Our products are a global benchmark in the market of repair parts and, specifically, repair parts for Cummins are reliable and high quality products, delivered to our clients in 24 hours.

Moreover, Blumaq assumes innovation challenges, with continuous investigation and development of new products demanded by our clients.

The best stock of alternative repair parts for Cummins

Blumaq has supply agreements with more than 800 suppliers. Therefore, repair parts for Cummins are composed of a large stock of products both for older and up-to-date machinery for fulfilling all our client’s requirements:

- Engine pieces: Connecting rods, engine blocks, crankshafts, cylinder heads, liner kits, nozzles and turbochargers.

- Pumps: Oil, fuel, water.

- Exhaust systems: Exhaust pipes, silencers, elbows, manifolds and all types of components for exhaust systems.

Blumaq covers the maintenance of all types of machinery that require alternative repair parts for Cummins.

Five main bases define Blumaq´s philosophy:

- Quality products at a good price

- Great stock availability

- Professional technical assistance 24 hours a day

- Efficiency and promptness in delivery

- Efficient and cutting-edge stock management system

All repair parts are manufactured with the most appropriate components and materials for their maximum durability and strength and under strict quality controls. We can assure that Blumaq alternative repair parts for Cummins engines exceed the quality of the original manufacturers. ISO 9001:2008 certification reflects our compromise, as well as the extensive guarantee offered to our clients.

Quality service and promptness for our clients

From order inquiry to processing and through delivery of the required alternative repair parts for Cummins, Blumaq is totally committed to our customer’s satisfaction.

Blumaq offers an innovative but user-friendly website that allows our clients to look for the appropriate alternative spare parts for Cummins, choose the ones that meet their requirements and check their availability in stock due to our real-time managed inventory. Moreover, our professional technical assistance service will help them throughout the process.

Our compromise is 24 hours delivery. To achieve this goal, Blumaq has the following resources:

- More than 90.000 repair parts in stock, including alternative repair parts for Cummins, that assures our clients the suitability of the required product, and the speed of delivery.

- The international presence of Blumaq offices and the business agreements with the most important international shipping companies worldwide.

- Blumaq´s technical staff, composed by highly-skilled and motivated professionals, that offers our clients efficient and agile solutions.

Blumaq´s compromise with R+D

Not only specialization, but also Blumaq´s compromise with R+D makes us a leading international company in alternative repair parts for construction equipment.

Blumaq Research and Development department continuously works for the investigation and production of new spare parts, including alternative repair parts for Cummins. State-of-the-art products are developed, as complex as they are, therefore fulfilling our customer’s requirements.