Repair parts suitable for Caterpillar

Blumaq, a leading company

Blumaq is a reference company in the delivery of repair parts suitable for Caterpillar equipment, and for other relevant and worldwide known trademarks: Volvo, Komatsu, Cummins and Case.

Blumaq has a large stock of repair parts suitable for Caterpillar. Our main goal is to offer our customers a wide range of high quality products in stock together with an effective service, from order inquiry to processing and through delivery.

Repair parts suitable for Caterpillar: Meet your needs with Blumaq

Blumaq is strengthening its presence worldwide as one of the leading suppliers of repair parts suitable for Caterpillar civil engineering equipment and earth-moving machinery.

More than 90.000 repair parts suitable for Caterpillar in stock assure our customers the appropriateness of the required product, and it’s quick delivery. Moreover, all pieces are manufactured using the highest quality materials and processing technologies, resulting in products with equal or higher quality than the original parts.

Repair parts suitable for Caterpillar include:

Power Train, Chassis, Ground engaging tools, Steering, Electricity, Filters, Brakes, Tools, Hydraulics, Lubrication, Engine, Cooling, Moil points, Undercarriage, Bearings, Hardware, Remanufactured parts, Cabin.

Quality, effectiveness and promptness are our three main objectives in order to achieve our main goal: Obtaining our customers satisfaction.

Quality control and guarantee of repair parts suitable for Caterpillar

The quality of Blumaq repair parts suitable for Caterpillar is guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2008 certification, which assures the highest quality during the whole process. Moreover, every product is covered by Blumaq´s warranty.

Periodically, Blumaq´s specialized technical staff tests all the repair parts suitable for Caterpillar in stock at the company warehouses.

Simplicity for our customers

Blumaq offers an innovative on-line service that allows our customers to choose the repair parts suitable for Caterpillar that meet their requirements and check their availability.

Blumaq website is a cutting-edge but user-friendly platform, where our clients can easily order their products and follow the delivery process.

The 24-compromise

In most products, including repair parts suitable for Caterpillar, Blumaq guarantees 24 hour delivery.

Moreover, we offer technical assistance 24 hours a day, giving the support and solutions our customers demand and deserve.

Continuous Research

Blumaq has an R+D department, continuously working for the development of new products, specifically new repair parts suitable for Caterpillar. We follow our customer requirements in order to manufacture custom-made repair parts for them.

Strategic network of branch offices

Blumaq has branch offices in more than 150 countries all over the world; therefore we assure the closeness to all our clients and the reduction of waiting times in the delivery process.


Indispensable elements.

We supply special pieces and fastening elements prepared to withstand any pressure, obtain the best adaptation and achieve the maximum strength in heavy machinery.

This page only gives an overview of this family. Blumaq has all the references for the operation of your machine. For further information, ask our Technical Service.

Hexagonal head: Metric and in inches, galvanized and phosphated, standard or special sizes.

Allen head: Phosphated, metric and in inches.

High temperature: Special bolts and nuts for high temperature applications, such as turbochargers and exhaust manifolds. 

Wear: Specific fasteners for application in the wear-resisting pieces, as well as pins, washers and cotters.

Undercarriage: Fasteners for track shoes assembly, idler brackets, rollers, etc. Maximum tensile strength.

Miscellaneous: Cotters, elastic steel pins, clamps, special small-size fasteners, wheel bolts and a wide range including all types of fastening elements.
Tempered washer
Galvanized nuts