Looking for quality and reliability? Blumaq´s alternative repair parts for Case are your choice

Blumaq, a leading company

In the sector of alternative repair parts for construction and mining equipment, Blumaq is a top international company with many years of specialization. Our experience, professionalization of our staff and constant innovation strengthen us as a leading company with presence in more than 150 countries all over the world.

We offer repair parts for construction and mining equipment of top trademarks, including Case: A worldwide known company that sells a full line of construction equipment: Excavators, loaders, dozers, graders, etc.

Find the appropriate alternative repair part for Case

Finding the appropriate alternative repair parts for Case machinery is easy with Blumaq´s large stock that guarantees our clients the quality they deserve.

Alternative repair parts for Case belong to the following categories: Power Train, Chassis, Ground engaging tools, Steering, Electricity, Filters, Brakes, Tools, Hydraulics, Lubrication, Engine, Cooling, Moil points, Undercarriage, Bearings, Hardware, Remanufactured parts, Cabin.

Apart from more than 90.000 references in stock, stored in our warehouses, Blumaq has an extensive compromise with R+D. Continuous investments in this field lead to the develop of new and innovative products (repair parts, spare parts, replacement components) and custom-made parts.

Quality with good price

The quality of Blumaq´s alternative repair parts for Case is totally guaranteed by many years of experience and a huge number of satisfied customers all over the world.

Our compromise with quality is based, first of all, in the selection of the most appropriate materials and elements that are manufactured using cutting-edge technologies. Blumaq´s technical staff is composed by highly-skilled professionals totally involved in their jobs. ISO 9001:2008 certification shows the customers our compromise with the highest quality.

Moreover, regular quality controls are made to all our products in stock, assuring they are perfectly adequate for selling.

The highest quality at a good price: This is the reason of delivering more than 3.000.000 repair parts a year, all over the world.

Don’t wait for your alternative repair parts for Case

Promptness in the delivery of alternative repair parts for Case is another compromise of our company. We offer solutions in 24 hours due to our large and real-time automatically managed stock that provides immediate availability and throughout an extensive network of strategically located offices.

Blumaq also has agreements with some of the most important shipping companies all around the world, this makes possible to ship the order the same day it is placed.

From order inquiry to delivery of the required alternative repair parts for Case, our clients can easily follow the whole process through our user-friendly website and our efficient customer service.

Moreover, when our clients receive their required alternative repair parts for Case, Blumaq offers technical assistance 24 hours a day, allowing our clients to communicate their questions or problems with installation to our specialized staff.

Customer’s satisfaction is our main goal, so our clients can always feel there is a trustworthy company behind them.