"johannesburg" | 2016-12-30 16:27:44

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BLUMAQ opens its doors in South Africa.

The opening of the first subsidiary in South Africa allows us to bet on the reinforcement of our brand at the same time that we get established in one of the markets with the greatest growth potential.

Since September, we are present in Johannesburg a city which is considered the commercial capital and main economic driver of South Africa.

John Beukes and a commercial team of qualified experts offer the best counseling and after-sale service to the clients. This subsidiary has a warehouse of 1.000 square meters approximately and it is already functioning.


Moreover, another subsidiary will be opened on Zambia on the course of 2017. It is important to say that Blumaq is distributor of Berco, a well-known Italian brand of undercarriage used for machinery spare parts, in Zambia.

Zambia is one of the first worldwide producers of copper. It represents the 90% of their exports value. Within the industrial sector, mineral processing field are highlighted, meaning that its potential for business is very important.

The opening of Zambia office will go hand in hand with the new opening of two or three or even more offices throughout South Africa.

It is planned to open later in 2018 a new sales office in Middelburg, one of the most important mineral zones of coal.

South Africa is a strategic location for supplying southern Africa in terms of logistics due to the particular geographic bordering location with northwest Namibia, Botswana at north and Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland at east.

South African Republic, whose area is of 1.219.080 km² and its population is of more than 52 millions, remains being a worldwide power in the industry.

In fact, it is considered one of the largest diversity in reserves of mining wealth. Furthermore, South Africa has the most powerful and diversified industry of the African continent. Moreover, it is the largest producer of platinum all around the world, the fifth producer of gold and coal, and one of the biggest diamonds exporters.

Apart from its big reserves, already mentioned, the nation where Nelson Mandela was born is characterized by high levels of production techniques knowledge. Research and development activities are supported by modern infrastructures such as laboratories, plants and workshops. As a consequence, South Africa has become one of the main suppliers of goods and services for mine processing and metallurgical engineering all around the world.